GraphicRiver - Ritmo Latino Flyer

GraphicRiver - Ritmo Latino Flyer

PSD | Layered | CS3 | 4x6 | 31.20 MB

Teaching-you: Art Skills (ISO)
Teaching-you: Art Skills (ISO) | 499 MB

The equivalent to one year of art classes! Do you aspire to be the next Cezanne, Van Gogh or Renoir? Whether you want to make the most of your existing artistic flair, or just dabble in the arts, Teaching-you Art Skills is ideal. For both beginners and advanced artists, this complete drawing course will help you to master those essential techniques and tap into your creative talents. Using a proven educational method, learn about 5 classic art genres; portrait, still life, landscape, life drawing and nude studies using the 40 models, 650 narrated steps and 1200 drawings available. Each model is presented in a step-by-step format with helpful commentary available at all times it's the easy way to teach yourself art! View each step in detail using the zoom feature, learn to criticise your own drawings and correct mistakes. Please note that this CD-ROM contains images of nudity.

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Baseball - Theme For WordPress

Baseball - Theme For WordPress | 2,79 MB

Baseball WordPress theme is a perfect foundation for baseball website. Easy to use administrative panel, custom widgets, an eye catching related posts and lots of other powerful features provide a great base to build on.

Dental - Theme For WordPress

Dental - Theme For WordPress | 1,67 MB

Dental is beautiful WordPress theme for personal web pages. This is a complex wordpress themes with lots of useful features like custom widgets, feedback form, slider, video supporting and many other.

Forest - Theme For WordPress

Forest - Theme For WordPress | 1,66 MB

Forest is one of the best stylish and clean themes for WordPress blog. It has designs which are good-looking and can be used with any type of content. It contains powerful functionality that allow you to create amazing blog.

Narochito - Theme For WordPress

Narochito - Theme For WordPress | 2,12 MB

Narochito is an easy way to make your site attractive and usable for your visitors. The theme comes with easy-to-use administrative panel and lots of configurations provide a great base to build on.

ArtDevil - Theme For WordPress

ArtDevil - Theme For WordPress | 1,20 MB

ArtDevil is an amazing WordPress theme, great solution for creative blog. The theme comes with two sidebars, vertical menu, slider, custom widgets and lot of other powerful features provide a great base to build on.

Premium Quality Creative Labels Vector
4 EPS files + JPEG Preview | 29,2 MB


Shave and a Haircut 7.0v23 Plugin for Maya [2011-2012-2013] (Win64/Linux64)
Shave and a Haircut 7.0v23 Plugin for Maya [2011-2012-2013] (Win64/Linux64) | 34 MB

Joe Alter Shave and a Haircut is a plugin for Maya, that creates extra realistic hair and fur surfaces. With this, you can create furry animals, grasses, haircuts, mustaches and so on. And this is not only about extra rendering-realistic, but also extra dynamic-realistic hair/fur. Combining advantages from both Maya Fur and Maya Hair modules inside itself, JA S&H is a perfect decision for your production. It makes creating of haircuts much easier with much finer level of control and much less rendering time. S&H also MentalRay- and RenderMan-compatible, so you can create super-photorealistic renderings using with no additional compositing.


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Cloud Photoshop Brushes 2

Cloud Photoshop Brushes 2
ABR | 4,68 MB

23 Random ABR Brushes

23 Random ABR Brushes
ABR | 5,07 MB

14 Splatter brushes

14 Splatter brushes
ABR | 1,11 MB

Stock Photo - Amazing Flowers Cards 2
6 JPEG files | up to 7744x5184 | 70,2 MB

Photoshop Texture Brushes .ABR

Photoshop Texture Brushes .ABR
ABR | 5,85 MB

Peregrinelabs Yeti 1.2.8 Plugin for Maya [2012-2013-2013.5]
Peregrinelabs Yeti 1.2.8 Plugin for Maya [2012-2013-2013.5] | 120 MB

Yeti is Peregrine Labs product to produce fur, feathers and generating lots of things based around familiar working concepts of a procedural node graph directly within Autodesk’s Maya. The toolset has been developed as an end to end solution that easily integrates into most pipelines with ease and built with the goal of efficiently transporting and rendering the data generated while maintaining an artist friendly workflow.

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Autumn Natures PSD Source Background

Autumn Natures PSD Source Background
PSD, 4 JPG | 57,9 MB

Fluffy Cloud - ABR Brushes

Fluffy Cloud - ABR Brushes
ABR | 1,08 MB

Stock Photo - Big City Lights
5 JPEG files | up to 8600x5732 | 96,3 MB

Zwischendrin MightyTiles 1.02 Plugin for 3ds Max 2013 (Win64)
Zwischendrin MightyTiles 1.02 Plugin for 3ds Max 2013 (Win64) | 5 MB

MightyTiles is a 3D Studio Max plugin that procedurally creates realistic looking tile-based textures, like brick walls, tile floors, parquet, cobblestone pavements, and many more! These tiles are created from photos of single bricks, cobblestones, etc. Just select a set of tiles and MightyTiles creates a high resolution texture for you! During render time MightyTiles sticks them together alternating each tile by a set of adjustable random parameters. This saves you a lot of memory and lets you create huge high resolution textures made of millions of tiles! Forget about tiling artifacts (there are none) and mip-mapping (there is no need of them)!

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Vintage Floral Cards Vector
5 EPS files + JPEG Preview | 60,6 MB

PSOFT Pencil+ 3.07 Plugin for 3ds Max [2010-2013] (Win64)
PSOFT Pencil+ 3.07 Plugin for 3ds Max [2010-2013] (Win64) | 43 MB

Pencil+ 3 is a non-photorealistic shader plug-in for 3ds Max that produces pencil sketch-like strokes. It produces images that look like pen drawings or color pencils as well as flat presentations similar to animation cels.

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