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Dear GFX admin,
Please consider adding mediafire to your file sharing sites. It allows large downloads to be resumed. What with all the up-evil in the file sharing services most of us are not ready to spend good money on a file sharing site that might go down (filesonic,megaupload or frequently deletes files like rapidshare).

I do not mean to be a pest but your site is still running some really bad java script. You cannot see images in Firefox. It stalls or crashes Internet Explorer ( you get a message that says continuing to run this script may harm your computer.)
I have to use Safari to access the site. It even crashes Safari sometimes with a message that reads background services have ceased to function.
25 January 2012 15:20
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By valid


404 This document was not found in System
i bought an account ,but can't download this ,help please.

turbobit links.
25 January 2012 08:09
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