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Prestiggio Font

With the very high contrast, graceful proportions, many alternate glyphs and ligature overload, Prestiggio is an instant fashionizer. Inspired by the elegance of the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Manhattan architecture of 30-ies, and the modern aesthetics of luxury high-fashion brands, it lends a sharp distinguished look to your headlines, ranging from restrained charm to loud and trendy with a click of a button. Prestiggio's 95 discretionary ligatures (uppercase and lowercase), alternate characters and old-style figures invite to play while you work. The characters can be replaced automagically with the stylistic sets function, but you will get the best results using the glyphs palette.

OTF, TTF, Webfonts | 1 Font | jPG Preview | 2.9 Mb RAR

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25 UHQ JPG | up to ~ 9000 x 6000 | 300 dpi | 291 Mb RAR

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Deepika Typeface

Deepika Font which is totally hand-maden comes in two styles; basic and sketch. Including alternatives, titlings, terminal forms and also ligatures, it includes more than 500 glyphs and in addition to it is suitable for lots of languages. Eye-pleasing Deepika Font would be a nice and pleasant choice to design invitation cards, posters and all other graphical designs.

OTF | 2 Fonts | JPG Preview | 2.4 Mb RAR

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FF Quadraat Sans Font Family - 24 Fonts for $999


FF Quadraat Sans Font Family

Dutch type designer Fred Smeijers created this sans FontFont between 1997 and 2012. The family has 28 weights, ranging from Thin to Black in Condensed and Medium (including italics) and is ideally suited for book text, editorial and publishing, logo, branding and creative industries, small text as well as web and screen design. FF Quadraat Sans provides advanced typographical support with features such as ligatures, small capitals, alternate characters, case-sensitive forms, fractions, and super- and subscript characters. It comes with a complete range of figure set options – oldstyle and lining figures, each in tabular and proportional widths. As well as Latin-based languages, the typeface family also supports the Cyrillic writing system.

OTF + PDF | 24 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 16.5 Mb RAR

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Sabon Font Family - 8 Fonts for $280


Sabon Font Family

In the early 1960s, the German masterprinters’ association requested that a new typeface be designed and produced in identical form on both Linotype and Monotype machines so that text and technical composition would match. Walter Cunz at Stempel responded by commissioning Jan Tschichold to design the most faithful version of Claude Garamond’s serene and classical roman yet to be cut. The boldface and particularly the italic are limited by the twin requirements of Linotype and Monotype hot metal machines. Bitstream’s Cursive is a return to the form of one of Garamond’s late italics, recently identified. Punches and matrices for the romans survive at the Plantin-Moretus Museum. The name refers to Jacques Sabon, who introduced Garamond’s romans to Frankfurt, although the typefaces that Sabon himself cut towards the end of the sixteenth century have a faintly awkward style of their own.

OTF | 8 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 1 Mb RAR

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Bundt Cake Script

Introducing Bundt Cake, a sweet, modern mono-line script display font in three weights and with tons of OpenType features. This is my VERY FIRST FONT, so I'm offering it for a limited time at a significant discount. Take advantage! Bundt Cake comes with more than eleven hundred glyphs! Specific OpenType features include contextual alternates, swash forms, stylistic alternates, initial and final forms, multiple alternate glyphs for each letter (accessed through the glyphs panel), multilingual support (including multiple currency symbols), two ampersands, ninety standard and discretionary ligatures, a bunch of hearts and arrows, and standard numbers, oldstyle figures, and fractions. The OpenType features can be very easily accessed by using OpenType-savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. (To access these awesome features in Microsoft Word. Perfect for: logos, wedding invitations, photo overlays, and more.

OTF | 3 Fonts | JPG Preview | 2.7 Mb RAR

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25 EPS | + JPG Preview | 92 Mb RAR

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25 UHQ JPG | up to ~ 9000 x 6000 | 300 dpi | 155 Mb RAR

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Bornholm Sandvig is named after the village, “Sandvig”, on the only rocky island in Denmark, Bornholm. It is the second face in a series of rough stone cut typefaces, that shares proportions, but differs in any other aspect like different pieces of rock. It is a powerful face, but still very friendly. Good for very big sizes, but can be used for small texts, movie titles, cartoons, etc.

OTF, WOFF | 2 Fonts | JPG Preview | 3.8 Mb RAR

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Posterizer KG Sketch Font for $30


Posterizer KG Sketch Font

Posterizer KG Sketch is basically a drawn version of Egyptian Slab Serif font Posterizer KG. Posterizer KG Sketch, is useful for some themes like music, painting, party, food, nature, kids... and many other funny and creative things. Contains all the Latin and Cyrillic glyphs.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 9.5 Mb RAR

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Platinus Script Pro Font for $69


Platinus Script Pro Font

Platinus Script Pro is the latest example of what has now become a Sudtipos tradition: Adapting conventional calligraphic methods from the last two centuries to produce modern digital scripts for the current one. This time the resulting font explores the evolution of invitation scripts from the classic commercial lettering of the 1930s to the ideas clearly visible in the greeting cards of the 1980s and 1990s. Most base characters are made up of a single stroke, with some of the strokes driven from the top down, and some from the bottom up, putting the emphasis on the casual but precise fluidity of the hand,? an emphasis magnified by the expert use of loops and swashes everywhere. The Platinus Script Pro family comes in two weights, each loaded with alternates and Latin-based langauge support, for more than 570 characters per font. Platinus Script Pro is great for product packaging, as well book covers, menus and greeting cards.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 15.7 Mb RAR

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Malleable Grotesque Font Family - 15 Fonts for $240


Malleable Grotsque Font Family

Malleable Grotesque is a 7 weight, 15 font family which explores the soft nature of metals when exposed to high temperatures. This approach gave way to deep round ink traps, con-caved stems, and an overall rounded finish. These subtle nuances provides an overall approachability to a modular semi geometric based typeface.

OTF + TTF | 15 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5.6 Mb RAR

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Sharpeye Type

Say Hello to Sharpeye! An irregular shaped hand drawn font . The hand drawn style adds a natural touch to your design making it perfect for logotypes, posters headlines, badges, packaging, t-shirts/apparel, greeting cards, and wedding invitations.

OTF, TTF | 1 Font | JPG Preview | 42.3 Mb RAR

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236 Diamond Grade Photoshop Actions (CM 252134)

"236 Diamond Grade Photoshop Actions" This premium action set has been developed for photographers and graphic designers. These actions have been engineered for quality and performance.


Action Set Features

   • Non-destructive, retaining original image.

   • Layers Auto arranged & grouped in settings folder.

   • Well documented and easy to use actions.

   • Actions work with multiple image types (not limited to single type).

   • Customize finished actions in settings folder.

ATN, PAT, HDT, PSD | JPG Preview | 62.7 Mb RAR

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Rise & shine font

Rise & shine Typeface was inspired from ink & tints manual handdrawn brush to make a natural messy, make a stylish design, help to good display, uses for labeling, clothing, movie sceen, film title, gigs, or cover album.

OTF, 1 Font | JPG Preview | 3.5 Mb RAR

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Markly app is the next generation specs design/measurement plugin for Photoshop CC 2014 & Sketch. Loved by designers at Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and more companies!


How Does It Work?

After you finished your design in PS or Sketch, import your work into Markly, then add coordinate, dimensions, distance or fonts by simple clicking or dragging.

Faster & Easier

No need to manually select & show/hide the element from the long layer list any more! In Markly window, as if you can see an element, you can add any attribute info, like font family, font size, width & height, etc. with a simple click. You may want to measure the distance between two elements? No problem! Drag a line from element A to element B, the distance will be created for you!

Automatic Update!

When you want to modify your design for any reason, no need to measure again for those modified layers. With Markly, all the specs data, fonts, colors, width & height, and even distances between two elements, will be automatically updated for you!

Global Appearance Options

Want to change the color from HEX to RGB? Want to change the label color, line style, etc? Yes, only a single click. The styles will be synced globally.

Smart Measure!

Mobile developers don't use pixel (px) as web developers, however, Markly can automatically convert the measurements based on different screen density.

Shortcut Support (Sketch version only)

 The Sketch version of Markly supports a list of shortcuts to help you make the spec document faster.

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Wayback Font

Wayback font is a carefully crafted font. This item also comes with FREE 6 BADGES & ORNAMENTS. Every single letters have been carefully crafted to make your text looks awesome. Wayback font can be used for branding, logo, fashion, apparel, letter, invitation, stationery, etc.

OTF, TTF | 1 Font | EPS, AI, JPG Preview | 5.4 Mb RAR

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Steelheart is a modern calligraphy typeface with a dramatic movement. It suitable for wedding invitation, greeting cards, watercolor based design, or anything that need natural feeling to put on to. Steelheart font comes with a complete set of standard characters, eastern diacritic symbols, 350 glyphs in total, and 181 alternative characters as OpenType features to play with. The alternative characters were divided into several OpenType features such as Ligature, Contextual Alternates, and Stylistic Sets. You can create an attractive message by using the alternate characters in your design.

OTF, TTF | 1 Font | JPG Preview | 2.5 Mb RAR

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The Butller + Extra

The Butller is a handmade display typeface with lovely Ornament in some of the letters. Handdraw style and a touch of ornament makes this font look stylist. Plus OpenType features with Stylistic Alternates and Ligature in some characters that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design. This font is suitable for greeting cards, posters, labels, t-shirt design, etc.

OTF, TTF | 2 Fonts | EPS, AI, JPG Preview | 6.9 Mb RAR

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Greget Typeface

Greget Typeface is a hand made painted typeface with a customible style it's perfect for creating a wedding invitation (Initial), a headline, logotype, and t-shirt/ apparel design. The characteristic of Greget is rough, spate, and brush inspired by watercolor and ink droped that have a unique characteristic.

OTF, TTF | 1 Font | ABR, JPG Preview | 98 Mb RAR

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