Golos Font Family - 2 Fonts for $29



Golos Font Family

Golos is an sleek and authentic font face with two styles: regular and italic. Golos is recommended for use as a display typeface.

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Kelson Sans Font Family - 3 Fonts



Kelson Sans Font Family

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Awning Display Font for $25



Awning Display

Inspired by an afternoon bike ride through downtown Los Angeles Awning Display is approachable and easy to read from a distance. It captures the charm of signs I notice painted on awnings. Awning Display will add the perfect personal touch to your next project. This bold uppercase alphabet is perfect for grabbing attention in any storefront or window display.

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Controller Font Family - 19 Fonts for $250



Controller Font Family

Controller is a geometric rounded sans serif including 5 weights and corresponding obliques and thier extended style are ready. Originally, the designer was inspired by a mixture of techno and organic design in the end of 20th century around the West Coast. The letterforms of this font are designed geometric but are also slightly rounded to make a natural, warm and organic impression. Uppercase N has its alternative glyph that can be accessed by using OpenType stylistic feature. Controller is a versatile and useful family for a wide range of projects.

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Ricotta Script Font for $49



Ricotta Script Font

Another unmistakable Koziupa/Paul production, Ricotta has very little baby fat for a sturdy brush script. What movement it shows is effective and integral to its expression, which is at once compact, lush and eye-catching. Ricotta, and its subtle details in just the right places, should feel at home among the bright and cheerful colors of dairy product and pizza packaging.

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Twofaced Font for $10



Twofaced Font

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Sickamore Bold Marker Font for $16



Sickamore Bold Marker Font

We're really happy to launch our first font 'Sickamore'. This is a bold marker-pen style display font, great for headers, logos and attention-grabbing words or phrases. The font is all CAPS however does include various alternate capitals in the lower case form. Also included are numerals, punctuation and currency glyphs.

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Soho Gothic Font Family - 14 Fonts for $910


Soho Gothic Font Family

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Co Font Family - 6 Fonts for $400



Co Font Family

Soft and round are the words that best describe the Co font family. Its underlying geometry structures the font design and allows it to have an even rhythm. The harmony between organic and geometric shapes makes Co Headline uniquely appealing for display and titling where special expression is required. Co Text carries even more organic and fluid design elements than its headline cousin. To assist with legibility and functionality, features have been tightened and its basic proportions are less geometric in their appearance. The Co font family was created in collaboration with North Design and the Standard Edition includes a complete Latin A Extended character set. Please see the Corporate Edition of the font for an extended character set with Greek and Cyrillic scripts. Co Arabic is also available.

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Vox Round Font Family - 20 Fonts for $200



Vox Round Font Family

Vox Round is the softer version of the Vox family. The original brief for Vox was a extensive monoline typeface that can be both precise and friendly, yet contain enough choice of seamlessly interchangeable variants for the user to be able to completely transform the personality of the typeface depending on the application. Basically, a sans serif with applications that range from clean and transparent information relay to sleek and angular branding. When the first version of Vox was released in 2007, it became an instant hit with interface designers, product packagers, sports channels, transport engineers and electronics manufacturers. This new version (2013) is the expanded treatment, which is even more dedicated to the original idea of abundant application flexibility. The family was expanded to five weights and two widths, with corresponding italics, for a total of 20 fonts. Each font contains 1240 glyphs. Localization includes Cyrillic and Greek, as well as extended Latin language support. Built-in OpenType features include small caps, caps to small caps, four completely interchangeable sytlistic alternates sets, automatic fractions, six types of figures, ordinals, and meticulous class-based kerning. This kind of typeface malleability is not an easy thing to come by these days.

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Ginza Narrow Font Family - 6 Fonts for $125



Ginza Narrow Font Family

Here’s what I said about the original Ginza: Sometimes you get an idea stuck in your head and the only way to get rid of that demon is to put something down on paper. A year later the doodles became a skeleton, and then the skeleton had a body, then the body had a name, then the name got a personality. What was left was a clean set of fonts that encompass a very simple skeleton with a lot of visual appeal. And now with Ginza Narrow: Once Ginza was released, I immediately wanted to commit the time to create a narrower version—if for nothing else but to add additional versatility to the skeleton, but my schedule just would not allow it until a client recently asked me to. There was no need to ask twice as I had already started and then shelved the initial builds. I also had the opportunity to expand the localization of the fonts by adding Cyrillic.

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Brilant Font for $12



Brilant Font

Introducing the new Brilant Typeface, another serif font with handdraw style. It was inspired by handlettering that is popularized by various handlettering artist and including ornaments pack to decorate your work with this font...This font good for vintage design, t-shirt, logo, labels, posters and etc.

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Biographer Font for $79



Biographer Font

Biographer is a mild upright script drawn by Angel Koziupa, with Alejandro Paul art directing and producing. Elegant but quite reminiscent of roman forms and proportions, Biographer keeps the calligraphy mostly toned down, but its ascenders and descenders occasionally flare out in final swashy confidence. As usual with Sudtipos fonts, alternates are plenty and the personal touch is never amiss. Biographer is great for women’s lit and poetry book covers, as well as tame packaging of products where conveying comfort and peace of mind is of importance. An extensive range of languages are covered (Western and Eastern European, Baltic, Turkish, Maltese and Celtic).

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Tooting Sans Font for $40



Tooting Sans Font

Tooting Sans is a well-crafted, contemporary humanist sans. Designed for the needs of editorial, advertising and signage, Tooting Sans is not only suitable for setting large amounts of text at small sizes, it also has a presence and robustness for powerful headlines. Tooting Sans has slightly condensed letters with clean lines, open forms and predominantly straight terminals, although some vertical strokes have angled terminals for variation. This helps to keep the flow of the copy alive whilst being economical with space and legible in both text and headline usage. Released as an OpenType font, Tooting Sans expands upon the standard sans serif character set to include Greek and Cyrillic glyphs, small caps, oldstyle figures, proportional figures, ligatures and improved support for Latin-based languages.

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Mussa Font Family - 3 Fonts for $48



Mussa Font Family

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Stanix Font Family - 2 Fonts for $51



Stanix Font Family

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Aventura Font for $59


Aventura is burlesquely round, stylishly seductive, eternally sugar-fixed, and loving to a fault. Plenty of stylistic alternates are included to heighten the mood or soften it. Either way you look at it, there’s a lot of love in the air.

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Guarda Sans Font Family - 12 Fonts for $222
OTF | 12 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 3 Mb RAR
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Kiddy Kitty Font Family - 11 Fonts for $30



Kiddy Kitty Font Family

Kiddy Kitty is a soft and friendly sans-serif type family which consists of 6 upright italic and 5 italic weights. It supports Western and CE Latin and Cyrillic, and it also has some ligatures and swashes and 16 carefully drawn cat dingbats in each font. Kiddy Kitty is good for greeting cards, children’s books and package design. It is designed by Vasily Biryukov with some support of Alexandra Korolkova.

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Samantha Script Font Family - 8 Fonts for $144



Samantha Script Font Family

Samantha was designed with a focus on variety, versatility, beauty and practicality. With measured rhythm and contrasting, connected strokes, Samantha possesses a flowingly smooth elegance with the ability to take on many appearances, from simple styling to the fanciest of all flourishes with its 2700+ glyphs that take advantage of OpenType. Over 1100 alternate and swash letters feature ascenders and descenders that vary in length and complexity. Standard ligatures ensure that this font looks as perfect as possible and 20 discretionary ligatures enliven its style. Numerals are offered in their standard form, as well as an old style and a swash set too. The addition of 60 ornaments and 45 catchwords offer even more design possibilities.

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Knul Font Family - 12 Fonts for $169



Knul Font Family

An elegant modern typeface with a subtle monoline appearance. The simplicity of the design creates clean forms best suited to identity, editorial and advertising uses. Details include 6 weights with italics, an extended European character set, manually edited kerning and Euro symbol.

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